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Grand Solutions Inc.

We make your event a memorable one! Please register and sign in.


Here's the place to share all the event information.  You'll want to include the date and time, location, directions, maybe link to a Google Map, and attire.  Black-tie? Jeans? Informal? Semi-formal? 


add text, images, video, widgets, etc...


Event Production

Production Management is a core competency of GSI!  Our process involves years of experience producing small to large events, incorporating best practices of Event Project Management, developed by GSI.

Our in-house process involves integrating all the elements of your event, to include, sound, lighting, staging, and execution. 


Our process is simple, we:

• Listen to Your Requirements
• Brainstorm Production Ideas
• Plan and Analyze the logistics
• Design multiple scenarios to meet the requirements
• Integrate all the Production elements
• Develop the Script
• Implement a Flawless Production



Specialty Entertainment

• Actors/Actresses
• Caricaturist/Face Painters
• Choreographers
• Cigar Rollers
• Cigar Labels
• Clowns
• Comedian/Improv Troupe
• Confetti Cannons
• Dancers
*Flamenco, Folklorico, Swing, Jitterbug, Can-Can..
• D.J.
• Human Mannequin
• Illusionist/Magician

• Inflatable 18’ Fly Guys
• Jazz Trio
• Singers
• String Quartet

• Dallas "ROWDY”!
• San Antonio Spurs Coyote

• Senioritas
• Aloha/Hula
• Strolling Server



Event Planning


GSI's 'Best Industry Contribution' award nominated Event Management Process is utilized throughout all event-related functions to ensure budgets are managed, risks are mitigated, and a quality event is produced!


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Light & Sound

Sound & Monitors

Add technology with high-definition visual and sound output to your next event!  Display your organizations past collection of videos and/or live broadcasts to our LCD Monitors and high-powered Sound Systems helping to breathe life into your next event!  GSI will combine lighting and sound components to ensure the high-resolution screen display and Sound output are visible and heard by all!

Projection Screens

Project your message, or communication piece into a larger than life set of Projection Screens for your next event!  We’ll position the screens in their proper locations, along with testing the Sound components in consideration of viewers in the front and back of the audience, to ensure maximum visual and sound effects are captured!

Intelligent Lighting

Need theatrical style lighting to cover a stage, or lighting that moves?  Then you’ve need intelligent lighting!  Add visual presentation effects, or your logo splashed on a wall, to your next event through the use of multimedia lighting that moves as you direct it to move!  Accentuate a point, or simply provide the Intelligent Lighting as a visual effect to keep audiences in awe!


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